Yomi/Dark Hill/Staircase


You climbed up the staircase and looked up, only seeing a suspicious shadowy figure at the top. You decided to go up and see who it is, even though you feel extreme danger emanating from the figure. When you got to the top, the figure was gone. All you see is a circular room with small windows carved on the walls. You took a look around and saw something on the wall: a painting of a woman in a kimono.


You decided to take off the painting as a souvenir from Yomi. But when you ripped off the painting of the woman in kimono, another painting was behind it, only worse.


A painting of a creepy woman wearing bloody kimono, holding a Japanese lantern and smokey snakes around her. Then the realization came to your mind: You just ventured Izanami's castle. And the worst part, was the shadowy figure the goddess of Yomi herself!? You decided to go back. Will you bring the two paintings with you? (If so, post it on your character's page.) But fair warning: it may bring bad luck to you.