Uke Mochi's Cabin


Uke Mochi's cabin looks like a restaurant with chimney on top. The inside of the cabin smells of different cooked foods and thin steam drifts all over. There is a big pantry that stores their food.



May -Child of Uke Mochi
-Head Counselor of the Uke Mochi Cabin; Princess of the Sweets Kingdom

 – A smiling face is half the meal.

Welcome to the Cabin! I'm your counselor, May. Care for some strawberry tarts?or sweets? Come and approach me if you need anything!



  1. May Ong

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  1. Children of Uke Mochi are able to conjure weapons such as knives, giant spatulas, giant forks and giant chopsticks which may be used to attack the enemies directly.
  2. Children of Uke Mochi are able to summon dumplings that may act as bombs.
  3. Children of Uke Mochi are able to use rice grains as bullets by throwing them directly which may sting or cut the opponent's skin when it contacts it.


  1. Children of Uke Mochi are able to summon giant rolls of sushi which may act as pillars and surround the user. It can block any attacks until it is completely destroyed.
  2. Children of Uke Mochi can cloak themselves in an impenetrable porcelain bowl. It is immune to all attacks but has a limited oxygen supply. Users may only stay inside up to 20 minutes.


  1. Children of Uke Mochi can conjure a fog of steam which may protect their visibility and may hurt the opponents by blinding them temporarily when the steam reaches their eyes.
  2. Children of Uke Mochi can cause a person to either feel extreme hunger or extreme fullness. They can also cause a person to have more or less appetite.


  1. Children of Uke Mochi can survive one day without eating.
  2. Children of Uke Mochi get stronger when they eat more.
  3. Children of Uke Mochi can conjure any amount and kind of food but the amount cannot exceed the conjurer's appetite.

Counselor OnlyEdit

  1. The counselor is able to expand their bodies into an almost giant form in which they can spit out rice grain bullets from their mouth. Also, while in this state, they are immune to all attacks and is granted super strength. After using this state, the user will be highly drained and immobilized for a while.


  1. Children of Uke Mochi like to eat and eat and eat. They are good cooks and have a bubbly personality.