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This user's character is a/an head oracle of Fukuoka
Suzuka Kirishima
Head Oracle of Fukuoka
Heiress to the Kirishima Clan
Descendant of Emperor Jimmu
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Takeharu Kirishima (father)

Shiri Kirishima (mother)

Emperor Jimmu and Amaterasu (ancient ancestors)

Status Alive and single
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Dyed purple (actually hazel-colored)
Height 5'5"
Affiliation Kirishima Family


Weapons Scepter
Species Human and oracle
Home Nagasaki, Japan (former)

Oracle's Shrine, Camp Izanagi (current)

Quests N/A


The Kirishima Clan is a renowned and old clan founded in the 1600s by one of the descendants of Emperor Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan. Emperor Jimmu is a descendant of Sumi-Omikami or Amaterasu (the clan calls her Sume-Omikami meaning "Imperial Great Goddess" in dedication of Emperor Jimmu) which also makes them descendants of the sun goddess. The Kirishima Clan is well-known around Nagasaki as a wealthy and historic clan. But they do not know the secret this clan holds. The Kirishima Clan is gifted with the power of prophecy, which was passed down from the founder of the clan, who was a skilled oracle at the time. They served the emperors of Japan by providing them with prophecies. After many generations of oracles, it was passed down to Suzuka's father, Takeharu who married a beautiful and kind woman from the clan of the Yaguras. Upon Suzuka's birth, Takeharu sensed that he passed down his power to Suzuka so he decided to teach her at a young age. Suzuka was unexpected as she excelled in becoming an oracle. Upon reaching the age of twelve, she was sent to her representative location in becoming an oracle: Fukuoka. There she continued her training and became a fully realized oracle at the age of fourteen. The chief oracle then decided to send her to Camp Izanagi to serve the place as head oracle of Fukuoka. She was aided by one of the demigod children of Amaterasu who was sent there to pick her up. They left Japan and went to America and was brought to Camp Izanagi. She now resides at the Oracle's Shrine, unravelling prophecies.


She has an unusual liking for the color purple. She has short hazel hair dyed purple, purple eyes and even purple clothes. She stands at 5'5" feet tall, has fair complexion and slim built.


She is simple, calm and quiet most of the time. She tends to stay at the shrine rather than socialize with others. But this doesn't mean she's an introvert. She's very dedicated in her work and tries to juggle all her duties.


  1. She can unravel prophecies.
  2. She can see through the Mist.
  3. She can sense auras and even guess personalities.