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Nadeshiko Chara
Look over there it's a piranha!
Daughter of Ebisu
The Piranha Lover
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Ebisu - Dad

Nana Chara - Mom

Status Alive, Single
Eye Color Green, red, black and blue (Changes)
Hair Color Brown (Formerly Black and Blonde)
Height 5'7"
Affiliation Camp Izanagi
Weapons Kunaii and Katana
Species Demigods
Home Ebisu's Cabin
Quests N/A

This user's character is a child of Ebisu


Nadeshiko loves piranhas, she basically adores them and think they are 'kawaii'. She constantly changes her personality and hates guys that flirt with her, she's very devilish and loves pranking. She can be like really annoying but hates people annoying her, she's a well built fighter and she enjoys listening to music.


Nana Chara met Ebisu in a museum about the underwater world. The two fell in love and fished a lot together. But when Nadeshiko was born Ebisu told Nana that he was a god and left her with Nadeshiko. As Nadeshiko grew up she was evil, smart and nice. Boys in her school fell in love with her quickly but when one of the boys asked her out she slapped him in the face. When she turned 14 it was like she was a superstar in her school. The boys fought over her everyone wanted to be her friend. So she eventually gave up and told her mom she had enough of her weird school. Her mother told her everything about Ebisu and Nadeshiko just stared and they argued. But a camper came up that time and told her that she had to go to camp. Nadeshiko rolled her eyes and looked at her mom. Her mom nodded and he took her.

When she arrived she kept on wondering where she was and what was going on. The camper explained everything and Nadeshiko nodded. She went to get her weapons sorted and everything after she was soon claimed by Ebisu


Name Relation Feelings
Nana Chara Mother I love her
Ebisu Father Meh...
Akira Torehawa Frenemy? Truly weird and boring and stupid to me.
Kukai Souma Best Friend He's a friend. Just a friend. Nothing else.