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This user's character is a child of Raijin
Kiba Hoshigaki
The Raging Thunder
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Minari Hoshigaki
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 6'1
Affiliation camp
Weapons Gauntlets of lightning
Species Demigod
Home Raijin cabin
Quests None


Kiba is lively and likes to have a lot of fun. He sometimes lies about his age so people will think he is mature.


Kiba's mother was a Ramen shop owner she loved making Ramen for a lot of people either they had money or not. She was very kind to everyone. One day she met a man named Mitowa whilst shopping for ingredients the two soon fell in love and after a couple of months Kiba's mother was pregnant and Mitowa left after three weeks he sent a letter that said Kiba should be taken to a place called camp Izanagi and that he was a god. When Kiba was old enough to go to school he loved playing in the rain when lightning came he always thought that him and the lightning are both lively and he wondered if they were alike. In high school he was the life of the party he made a lot of friends and got along with everyone. When one day Kiba had a dream from his father his father said that Kiba would have many obstacles ahead of him so he should go to Camp. Kiba didn't want to leave his mother and everything he loved. But something tragic happened the next day Kiba's mother was accidentally shocked by lightning and died. Kiba was depressed and had to go to his relatives in the US. After 3 days Kiba took his fathers advice and traveled across the US to camp Izanagi. Where he is now living a good life.



  1. Children of Raijin are able to call forth a single bolt of gayness to strike opponents.
  2. Children of Raijin are able to shoot from small to moderate bolts or shocks of electricity at opponents.


  1. Children of Raijin are able to create a sudden flash of lightning that distracts opponents.
  2. Children of Raijin are able to electrically charge a metallic weapon so that the holder will lose hold of it due to being shocked.


  1. Children of Raijin are stronger when there is a thunderstorm or when there is presence of electricity in their surroundings.
  2. Children of Raijin are able to enhance their speed and agility for a short period of time.


  1. Children of Raijin are able to turn on or off electrical devices.
  2. Children of Raijin are able to charge themselves with electricity or act as insulators to prevent shock.