Izanami's Cabin


Izanami's cabin is less livelier than Izanagi's Cabin. It looks like Yomi, only that it is less scary and dark. It has gray and brown wallpaper on its walls. Everything that breaks in the cabin repairs itself, as Izanami is goddess of creation.



Amu -Child of Izanami
-Head Counselor/Death's Little Ballerina

 “In my dream I'm in a path, there are four ways that one will take me back home.”

"Hey, I'm Amu your counselor. Talk to me if you need anything..."



  1. Amu Hinamori

Lieutenant CounselorEdit

  1. Jameson Fitzgerald


  1. Tobias Ito
  2. Ashliegh Glass



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  1. Children of Izanami are able to summon one dead person from Yomi to attack for them. The dead person will disappear when destroyed or dismissed.
  2. Children of Izanami are able to freeze someone in their tracks, inflicting pain on their bodies for a short period of time.


  1. Children of Izanami are able to create a shield that turns anything that passes through it intangible, except humans. It feeds on the energy of the child to keep itself there.
  2. Children of Izanami are able to weaken enemies by breathing weakening air on them for a short period of time.


  1. Children of Izanami are stronger when the surroundings is dying or completely dead.
  2. Children of Izanami have higher chances of surviving a death match or battle.


  1. Children of Izanami are able to summon, command or talk to the dead for a multitude of purposes.
  2. Children of Izanami are able to freeze animate objects in their place for a short period of time.

Counsellor OnlyEdit

  1. The counsellor is able to open Yomi and release an army full of dead people clad in armor that can be brought back to battle when destroyed. But to bring them back drains the user moderately.


  1. Children of Izanami have very lesser life than children of Izanagi which is to say, they are lazy and sleepy most of the time.
  2. Children of Izanami innately hold a grudge or bad feeling on children of Izanagi.


Yama-no-Kami's CabinEdit

  • Mutual Defense
  • Mutual Offense
  • Mutual Aid
  • Help on quests
  • Help with chores

Omoikane's CabinEdit

  • Mutual Defense
  • Help with chores
  • Allied in quests