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This user's character is a child of Ohoyamatsumi
Ikuto Uchida
The Gem Master
Head Counsellor of the Ohoyamatsumi cabin
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Miyumi Uchida
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6'1
Affiliation camp
Weapons a Bo staff that turns into two swords
Species Demigod
Home Ohoyamatsumi cabin
Quests None


Ikuto is happy most of the time but is serious when the matter is important.


Ikuto's Mother Miyumi met a man named Kinosuke in a a cave for tourists the two loved to explore caves and find special gemstones and their special ablities. After a few weeks the two found out Miyumi was pregnant with Ikuto. When Ikuto was old enough to go to School he was fascinated with caves,gemstones and dark places.He always seemed to find gems in the ground he loved looking for them and finding out there origin. One day whilst he was grocery shopping for his mother a terrible earthquake hit and killed his mom. He was sent to his relatives who treated him like their own. He soon became happy again and was sent to a new school where he made a lot of friends he tought them about different mountains in the world,gemstones and their special abilities and how you can make a cave into your own paradise. Then one night a man came into Ikuto's dream. He told Ikuto that he was his father and that he was a Japanese god. He told Ikuto to find a place called Camp Izanagi and gave him specific instructions to get there. After 6 days Ikuto made it to camp. Where he is now having to the time of his life.



  1. Children of Ohoyamatsumi are able to make gemstones fly out of the ground and attack targets at varying strengths and speeds.
  2. Children of Ohoyamatsumi are able to launch rocks of varying sizes and shapes to crush or continuously shoot the opponent.


  1. Children of Ohoyamatsumi are able to create a rock wall to deflect attacks.
  2. Children of Ohoyamatsumi are able to make the ground in front of them muddy or even quicksand to slow down charging enemies.
  3. Children of Ohoyamatsumi are able to create earth tremors to knock off anyone off balance.


  1. Children of Ohoyamatsumi are stronger when at the mountains, at caves or at the earth itself.


  1. Children of Ohoyamatsumi are able to create a crack on the ground that swallows up anything in its path. The crack closes in completely after a few minutes.
  2. Children of Ohoyamatsumi are able to solidify sand and use it for varying purposes.

Counsellor OnlyEdit

  1. The counselor is able to create a medium-sized cave maze that is filled with shifting forks and passageways. This drains the user severely