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This user's character is a child of Fukurokuju
Eiichi Ishida
Child of Fukurokujo
Youthful Child
Important Information
Gender Male
Family father, grandma, Uncle
Status Alive and single
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'5"
Affiliation Camp
Weapons a keychain that can change into a sword and shield
Species Demigod
Home Camp
Quests N/A


He's the guy that did almost all the bad things you can imagine so he's almost neuteral in anything you do to him.Despite being a bad boy his uncle clean him up really good thus he started to have a feel in respondsibility.He does things according to his mood. He doesnt like to show that much of expression nor interest as he thinks its a weakness. He was in those street fights so he's well knowladgeble in the feilds of fighting.


His parents met each other at a bar and after one night together both parted their saperate ways. After a few weeks his mortal parent found out she was pregnant and decided to keep him as she wanted a child. When he was born she was pampering him not even caring about anything else . After a few years during the kobe earthquake his mother died protecting leaving him with his grandmother. His grandmother was also busy tending her store that she was force to ignore him. Eiichi was angry as he thought his grandmother hated him so he started to rebel. Pity for him his grandmother only payed attention to him when she had to retire and left the buisness to her son. Her son saw eiichi had potential so took him in as a helper on that note he also made him clean up his act.There eiichi spend a few months doing that before his past cought up to him making his grandmother kick him out. His god parent saw this and pittied him so led him to camp by giving him a map that led him to camp. Eiichi followed the map for a few weeks before reaching camp .



  • Children of Fukurokuju are able to force the effects of aging on a person so that he/she could feel pain in their body for a short period of time.
  • Children of Fukurokuju are able to make themselves more youthful, making them quicker and stronger in battle.


  • Children of Fukurokuju are able to force the effects of aging upon a person to slow down and weaken them.
  • Children of Fukurokuju are able to make themselves more resistant to attacks that cause sickness and disease.


  • Children of Fukurokuju retain a more youthful appearance and health than others.
  • Children of Fukurokuju's wounds heal faster than others.


  • Children of Fukurokuju are able to heal wounds and make someone feel youthful again.
  • Children of Fukurokuju are able to enhance their appearance to become more youthful and healthy but only temporary.

Counselor OnlyEdit

  • The counselor is able to lengthen his/her life by a few months but leaves him/her more susceptible to sickness and his/her wounds heal slower than before.


  • Children of Fukurokuju are very youthful and somehow childish.


Name Relation Feelings
Mom Mom Died Protecting me
Fukurokuju Father He brought me here soo natural
grandma grandma ...
Uncle Uncle I Owe him..
20 frinds that I dont want to name. Friends.. hope they're out of juvi...
daisuke friend he saved me before so I'm glad he's here..
Kiba Friend He's a very good friend to me..
So ... I hate her soo much but I dont know why I just like spending time with her

Eiichi and So-Yeon

From Our Hatred Came Love

Hidden From Our View

But Our Heart Both Knew

As It Silently Grew

And Now My Heart And Thoughs Belong To You

Couple bp