Past Events

Hunters of Tomoe Gozen's Cabin

  • Okay, Tomoe Gozen is the greatest female samurai in Japanese history (as said on the image caption at the main page). I decided to create a cabin (which is a counterpart of Artemis' Cabin and its Hunters) in dedication of her. Even though she's not a goddess and does not have children since she's already dead, I decided to make this cabin to house her followers, those who follow and practice her ways: being a skilled warrior, archer, leader and horse rider. All of her members are female, of course, but do not possess eternal youth or immortality like the Hunters of Artemis. They do possess great fighting abilities and prowess, which is given by the Camp Director, Ninigi-no-Mikoto to females who will leave camp most of the time and hunt for monsters. They do retain their demigod powers. Go to her cabin now!

Kanzeon's Cabin

  • Kanzeon is the Japanese-given name to the Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion. Since she has a Japanese name, she is considered part of Japanese myth so I decided to add a cabin for her. Her powers are like Tenjin's cabin, which deal with changing sides, but her powers are more on mercy. Also, children of Kanzeon have the ability to greatly enhance their hearing, more than the extent of Bishamonten's Cabin as their mother is the "one who hears the cries of the world" and can identify most sounds just by hearing them. Go to her cabin now!

Kuraokami's Cabin

  • It was supposed to be made this July but due to inactivity, it will be opened at a later date: August 30th, 2012. Kuraokami is the god of snow, which in Greek terms, will be like Boreas' counterpart.

Kunino-sagiri's Cabin

  • After the Kuraokami Cabin, it will opened in about mid to late September. This cabin will be the second to last cabin, with the last cabin to be made still a mystery. Kunino-sagiri is the goddess of the fog.