Chul-Moo Sayo
Counsellor of Raijin's Cabin
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Chul-Moo was born to an asian woman and Rajin on June 22, 1997. The asian women's name was Shizuko Sayo. A week after the child was born, she went to go pick him up at the hospital Nursery. They messed up and gave her the wrong child. You see, another child was mixed up with Sam and even though the other child wasn't asian, Shizuko thought it was because of Raijin's blood that the child looked american. So, she raised the child like it was her own, and named him Sam. But, across the world in Memphis, Chul-Moo was raised. When he was 13 he joined a gang. He was the only Asian in the gang known as the 'League of the Night.' Many times, the power Raijin shone threw Chul-Moo. One night while the were spraying grafitti on a wall. The cops were coming after them and Chul-Moo used his fathers power and sent an electrical current through the cop car and all the cars died. At 14 Chul-Moo's mother (fake mother) found out the truth about being 'Switched at Birth.' She located her son Sam and took him in and gave Chul-Moo back to her mother... reluctlantly. There his mother told him the truth of his birth and how his father knows of a place where he can be safe from beasts. So, she gave him a pair of gloves and sent him too Kansas, USA where Camp Izanagi was. Raijin told her of the Camp, and there she knew we son would be safe.


Sam is a leader man. He's a man of little words but his voice is booming, so people will listen to him when he speaks.

Counsellor of Raijin's Cabin
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born -
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6'0"
Affiliation Raijin's Cabin
Weapons -

Raijin's Cabin</font>

Quests N/A



He owns two gloves. Both are electrically powered and they were gifts from her father.