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Bradley Cain
Son of Toyotama-hime
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Toyotama-hime (mother), Carter Cain (father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Pale brown
Height 5' 5"
Affiliation Camp Izanagi
Weapons Dragon spear
Species Demigod
Home Camp Izanagi
Quests None


Bradley has an energetic and enthusiastic attitude, always ready to leap into a situation and lend his aid, not matter what it is. He never gives up or backs down and can always adapt to whatever he has to deal with so he can hold his ground. Bradley loves surfing, thanks to the fact that he grew up in Hawaii, and he states that he's spent about a third of his life on his surfboard. He likes having fun and has a tendency to goof around a bit, but if he needs to, he can become much more serious and efficient. Bradley also has a very active imagination, which allows him to think outside the box, and makes him highly versatile and unpredictable in most situations.


Bradley's father, Carter Cain, was living in Hawaii and hiking along a coast line, when he was caught by a huge wave that slammed him against some rocks, knocking him out, and dragged him into the ocean. Carter would've drowned if Toyotama-hime hadn't noticed him and brought him to safety. Following this, Carter and Toyotama-hime fell in love and soon they had a child, Bradley. Bradley grew up knowing about the godly nature of his mother and was excited about becoming a hero, though his mother, who visited occassionally, told him to enjoy his normal life as long as he could. Bradley did try to, taking up surfing as a hobby, but his mind always strayed back to the world of demigods and monsters. One day, he tried to test himself by heading out to fight a monster he'd seen, a mizuchi ( a draconic water serpent). Toyotama-hime discovered what Bradley was doing and went after him, finding him as he was fighting the mizuchi and apparently having some trouble. However his mother decided to give him a chance and Bradley managed to fight and slay the mizuchi, prompting Toyotama-hime to bring him to Camp Izanagi.


6ftblackdtragonspear 540

Bradley's spear

Elements Water Dragon by Dragarta

Bradley's dragon form

Bradley has all the same powers as other children of Toyotama-hime and because he is a surfer, he has good balance. He wields a spear his mother gave him that takes the form of a dragon ring when not in use.


Name Relationship Feelings
Toyotama-hime Mother Cares about her a good deal and is glad she brought him to camp.
Carter Cain Father Cares about him, but is fine without him here.
Hanna Ash Friend Thinks she seems a little sad, but she's nice!
Akira Torehawa Friend Thinks he's a cool guy.