The armory is where weapons, shields and other metalwork are made. The children of Inari are in charge of the facility. You may request creation, upgrading or repair of metalwork, as long as you don't bug them all the time. You may volunteer to work here, when you have the Inari Cabin Head Counsellor's approval. Materials are listed below:
  • Leather and hide
  • Most types of wood
  • Silver and gold
  • Iron of Yomi (only used by Izanami and Susanoo Cabins;Japanese counterpart of Stygian Iron)
  • Kamui Steel (Japanese counterpart of the abilities of Celestial Bronze)
  • Ephemeral Wood (only used by Inari, Sukuna-Biko-Na, Yama-no-Kami, Konohanasakuya, Ohoyamatsumi and Uke Mochi Cabins;Japanese counterpart of Essence Wood)


  1. No guns allowed.
  2. Transforming weapons and shields are accepted, but be reasonable.
  3. Requests will take place at the comments.
  4. Please specify your desired weapon.
  5. Ask nicely.

Workers in the ArmoryEdit