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Akemi Matsuda
The laid back person
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Alex Matsuda (Father)

Amaterasu (Mother)

Status Alive, single and looking
Eye Color bluey-blacky
Hair Color Black
Height "5 ft 4"
Affiliation Huh?
Weapons None
Species Demi-god
Home Amaterasu's Cabin (Camp Izanagi
Quests N/A


Amaterasu met Alex) Matsuda at a hill by a beach at sundown. Amaterasu asked what he was doing there and Alex replyed with "I just love sunsets," and they chatted until it was almost dawn. Then they started to go out together for meals, and a couple of months later Amaterasu found out they were pregnant with Akemi. Amaterasu told Alex that hey were a Godess, and about Camp Izanagi.

Akemi's life was nice and her parent treated her kindly. At school Akemi's was popular, she had lots of friends. She was very chatty and joined in with a lot of clubs. Akemi found out that she had dyslexia but no-one cared so life was normal.He always got straight A's and sometimes A+'s. she never had a boyfriend, even though all the boys asked her to be their girlfriend.

When Akemi came home one day in the middle of October, when she was 15, dad) had handed her a big, full bag and a wad of cash. On the way to a place dad) had told him that it was called "camp Izanagi" he explained about their mother being a goddess and that they need to go their to hone their powers since Akemi kept shattering windows when she was asleep and that kind of stuff so she had to control her powers. Akemi's parent said also that to come home every so often and call them on the phone.